Keep it Clean

Please collect your spent brass, used targets and any other debris to maintain a clean environment for other shooters.

A clean range is a safe range. Always try to leave it in the same or better condition than when you arrived.

Use Safe Targets

Use paper, cardboard, or clay targets only. Use of exploding targets, explosive devices, or pyrotechnics is prohibited.

Please do not shoot at glass, metals, plastics, home appliances, electronic components, or furniture.

Read more about range safety…

Buy a Day Pass

Day use permits can be purchased from Bill’s Reloading Supplies or from Bear Arms.

Bill’s Reloading Supplies:
603 W Historic Highway 66
(505) 863-5820

Bear Arms:
400 E Coal Street
(505) 870-2395

Promoting shooting sports while providing a safe and convenient location for citizens to enjoy